Pet Scoop: Missing Dog Bonds With One-Eyed Stray, Rare Fairy Penguin Hatched in Bronx

July 29,
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The Montez family was happy to be reunited with Corky, left, and to add Captain, right, to their household.

The Montez family was happy to be reunited with Corky, left, and to add Captain, right, to their household.

Dog Missing 6 Years Returns Home

Nearly seven years ago, the Montez family’s Terrier mix, Corky, escaped from their Texas backyard. They searched for six months before assuming the worst. But on Saturday, they got a call from the Humane Society of North Texas, saying the now-8-year-old dog had been found by a Good Samaritan — and he bonded with another special little dog on the streets. The second dog, named Captain by the shelter staff, has only one eye, and gets by with help from Corky. So, the Montez family had no qualms about bringing Captain home, too. “Half the day they nap and half the day they play, but whatever they’re doing, it’s always together,” said owner Jimmy Montez. “It’s actually pretty adorable. It looks like Corky really took care of Captain when they were out in the streets. He always lets Captain eat first, and he’ll even stand guard to make sure none of our other dogs bother him.” Montez said the family now feels “complete” with Corky and Captain at home. — Watch it at ABC News

Late Marine Horse Honored for Valor

On the 63
rd anniversary of the end of the Korean War this week, U.S. Marine Corps horse Reckless was posthumously awarded with the prestigious Dickin Medal for her bravery. A British Army horse stood in for Reckless at the ceremony. Reckless, a Mongolian mare, carried ammunition and retrieved wounded troops under bombardment during a battle in 1953. She retired in 1968 to the U.S., and lived to be 20 years old. The Dickin Medal is Britain’s top animal award for military valor. — Read it from the AP via Yahoo

Study: Having Connected Friends Helps Female Baboons

Researchers have found that female baboons reap the biggest benefits from friendships with baboons who themselves have close, stable bonds with other females in the group. This social networking is associated with greater offspring survival. “There seems to be a strong selective pressure for close, same-sex friendships in these baboons,” said Dorothy L. Cheney of the University of Pennsylvania. “You can easily imagine that, if you have a friend who herself has a lot of other close friends, you’re indirectly connected to them and could derive benefits from those connections.” The study was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science. — Read it at

A fairy penguin hatched in May at the Bronx Zoo.

Julie Larsen Maher / WCS
A fairy penguin hatched in May at the Bronx Zoo.

Fairy Penguin Hatches in the Bronx

A rare tiny blue penguin, also known as a fairy penguin, hatched at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo in New York on May 10. A colony of fairy penguins just debuted at the zoo last year, and this little chick has now joined her peers on exhibit. Adult blue penguins grow to only 13 inches and weigh 2 to 3 pounds, making them the smallest of the 18 penguin species. The zoo doesn’t yet know the penguin’s gender, and hasn’t yet settled on a name. — Read it at Today

Kitten Saved From Dump Truck

A forensic technician with the Fayetteville, North Carolina, Police Department was in the right place at the right time to save a week-old kitten. The technician, A. O’Keefe, was taking her city vehicle in for maintenance when she was told about a kitten who’d been found in the back of an otherwise empty dump truck that had just been towed. O’Keefe is experienced with animal rescue. She runs a rescue group for Pit Bulls during her spare time, and she was happy to step in and take care of the kitten, bottle feeding him and giving him some TLC. The department turned to Facebook to start looking for a name for the kitten, and many of the suggestions focused on naming him after his hero, O’Keefe. — See photos from the Fayetteville Police via Facebook