Dog Tags Meet Technology

By Paris Permenter and John Bigley

Dog Tags Meet Technology

For all the benefits of microchipping in the event your dog is lost, an ID tag remains one of the fastest ways to get your dog home again. Tags can contain your address and telephone number to make returning your dog quick and easy, while microchips require a trip to the veterinarian or shelter for scanning.

But now tags have gone high-tech, permitting dog owners to provide far more information than a traditional ID tag could ever contain. With records that can be accessed and updated from anywhere, new tagging technology permits owners to add details ranging from vacation contact information to veterinary needs to identifying photos.

Here’s a look at several companies that provide an array of high-tech tags:

blanketID Style meets function with these sleek tags designed to be quiet, waterproof, and high-tech. Each tag comes with a unique blanketID tag number; the finder of a pet simply gets online to look up the tag number for the owner’s details.

PetQRTag Using QR (quick response) codes, the PetQRTag features a laser-engraved dog tag with a QR code that’s tied to a dog’s individual profile page. With a scan by most smartphones, the QR code will lead the dog’s finder to a page with contact information, photos and more.

PetHub Offering both ID tags and scruff collars with built-in tags, PetHub utilizes QR technology to enable people who find lost pets to connect with the owners. Several subscription plans offer an array of services including shelter alerts and email notifications with GPS mapping.

Tagg the Pet Tracker This advanced GPS dog tracking system puts the power of finding a lost dog in the hands of the owner. Clipped to your dog’s collar, the tracker sends GPS signals that can be followed using your mobile phone or computer. When your dog leaves a preset zone, you’ll be sent a notification. Tagg maps allow you to pinpoint your dog’s location; if you can’t get to a computer, you can send a text to retrieve location information and even directions.

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the founders of and the authors of Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. They are frequent contributors to The Dog DailyThe husband-and-wife team lives with its two rescue dogs, Irie and Tiki, in Texas.